insight into the anti thirst device

BY Inferno Music

The key of Destiny, The unicorn of drumkeys, the loch ness of bottle openers, I give you......

The Anti Thirst Device by Inferno!

Every rock star needs one, whether you love Soda Pop, Kombucha or something more lethal like a Brown Gatorade.
Ripping the lid of a coldie whilst twisting ya tension rods has never been so easy!!! 

The Anti Thirst Device by Inferno is the most uniquely designed drumkey slash bottle opener and not the other way around. 
Intelligently designed it has taken 3 years to perfect, and at version number 3 we have finally reached our initial vision of producing a drumkey that is both robust & classy. 

With your help we aim to reach our target of 250 orders, or 10K.

Thanks, Tim Davy, owner of Inferno Music

So lets jump straight into the key features:

> Milled with an indestructible SU316 Brushed Stainless Steel Shaft.
> EDM developed bottle opener.
> Gear shaping to enhance the keys torque and eliminate any handle slippage.
> Matte black anodized aluminum handle.
> Knurled Handle for free spin tuning & or cordless Drill compatibility.
> Engraved laser logo for lasting durability.
> Enforced ball clip key ring that is both strong and practical for removal.
> Embossed cold rolled commercial pure tin with EVA foam lining.

your options: 


> Buy the Key, 20% off

> Buy 3 keys, get 20% plus a free 3pk of Inferno Drumsticks

> Buy 10+, get 30%


Miles from Bad Dreems is one of Australia's up & coming heavy hitters, and the back bone behind Bad Dreams who have supported bands like Midnight Oil. If your looking for that phat tom sound Miles is your man. Give em follow on Insty @baddreems

Busting into the drumming scene in 2012 with his play through of Northlanes Corruption we will never forget & always respect the work of this drumming God. Nic Pettersen from Northlane has achieved so much, and Inspired metal drummers all over the globe.

Our boy Simon Ridley from DZ Deathrays is one of Infernos finest. An open handed drummer Simon Ridleys beats are always uniquley his own. Simon is one of those drummers when you watch him live you always walk away thinking how did he come up with those sick beats, thats exactly what the song needed!!! This is an art that most drummers can only dream of, and his open handed approach gives him the insight to achieve this. Go watch him play if you haven't already or give him a follow on insty @dzdeathrays

More steezy than P-Diddy on a date with Jlo, Skelly from Melbournes Psych Punk band Mesa Cosa has a finesse around the kit that is nothing short of splendid. Give him a follow on insty @stefanjameskelly

Terepai Richmond is one of Australia's leading session drummers and has been seen playing for The Whitlams, Guy Sebastian, DIG (Directions in Groove), Missy Higgins, The Beautiful Girls, Bunny Racket & Poppy Galactic & The Beat. Follow him on insty @thepaiman

Perth lad Michael Grainger from Good Doogs getting a tickle in his whiskers for the Anti Thirst Device from Inferno. The Indie/Punk Trio Good Doogs have already played a tone of massive Aussie festivals and continue to rise amongst Garage Surf Punk scene in Oz. Give em follow on Insty @good_doogs